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About us

My first Labrador - Aran - I received it as a gift from mother in 1990, when I was 6 years.

My mother was and is crazy about animals, and thanks to her I got to share this passion. She always wanted a Labrador, but had to wait 20 years to purchase one.

Because of communist regime, Labrador was not a known breed in Romania before `90. Things began to change after the system changed. Before `90 the only Labradors in Romania were those of Nicolae Ceausescu, received in 1978 from Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain - Corbu and Sarona.

Aran was not the only dog in the house. When I was born I had already Cherry, a hungarian viszla. Aran followed. Last that entire the team was Fiona, daughter of Aran.

Of all, I was closest to Aran, of whom I was inseparable. Aran and Fiona were my soul dogs, which marked my childhood and that helped me to know what really means Labrador.

Hidalgo`s Spirit was born in 2005. HIDALGO`S SPIRIT means “DOG WITH BIG HEART”, and I believe it defines the best Labradors.

HIDALGO was used by Native Americans to name the horse brought by conquistadors. For them horse was HIDALGO, a large dog!

Goldens appeared in our lives in 2005. I've always admired the grace and elegance. It feels like floating when they walk. I liked their warm and gentle temperament. Members of RETRIEVERS family, Labradors and Goldens are excellent companions, play buddies and above all, life mates.

My kennel is certified and recognized by the FCI and the Romanian Kennel Club from 2006. We are members of the Romanian Kennel Club, Bucharest Kennel Club and Romania Retriever Club.


Labradors and Goldens are for us the coolest breeds in the world! Our goal is to promote and raise the quality level of these two breeds to superlative in Romania.

In essence, we breed for us and for our crazy passion for these breeds. We are happy when we meet the right people who want to join us and want to participate in our goal by acquiring a HIDALGO`s SPIRIT puppy.

What we do is with love, wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Above all are our dogs and puppies. We devote all our time and all we have we invest in them.

Our principle in breeding is to obtain true dogs without genetic problems, using as a foundation in our breeding program, official standards (Kennel Club and FCI) of these two breeds.

We try to breed dogs increasingly better, with real temperament and excellent blood lines, but mainly healthy dogs. Puppies grow in our house, having them all the time our attention, communicating and playing with them.

We breed for the breeds, and we are trying to get healthy dogs with typical Labrador and Golden temperaments, with retrieving skills and qualities of good physical input. We don`t breed for color! Although we have chocolate, puppies are sold for their qualities. Price does not vary in any way due to color.

We breed only to improve breeds and HIDALGO`S SPIRIT matings are carefully designed and prepared in advance. We use dogs with good tests, which fit only in FCI standard.

Our puppies are not to be sold in pet shops, agent or for resale. They are sold either as companions to houses that really want them, either to breeders with good references.

Our dogs are all tested when they have reached the age required. Despite all the tests that our dogs do, genetics has the last say, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything!

Like children, you can hit all sorts of problems, from minor to some fatal disease or infirmity. When you buy a puppy, even from the most famous breeder, you assume a risk that occurs in all living creatures.

We have the advantage of modern techniques of test, we study lines and pedigrees, we schedule matings from time and we are very selective in terms of future offspring. However, it will always be a chance to occur a problem. Unfortunately we cannot predict the future to see who will have health problems and who do not. Although we would love to be able to do that...

Our dogs are primarily companion dogs and family members with full rights. Dogs live with us in the house, and not kept in kennels. They have complete freedom of movement through the house, backyard and go out whenever they want. Unfortunately, right now, it's not very big yard, but we try to ballance by daily walks in the park and training session.

Our dream is to move to a house with more land, yard that will be mastered and wandered by our dogs.

We love to interact with them, let them play and train, but most important are everyday times when we discover and rediscover them with each action they undertake. We consider ourselves very fortunate we can have them with us.

You are welcome in our house to meet ourselves and our dogs, but because our time is very limited, it would be best to set a date by mutual agreement.

To know us better, please read also the BREEDING page.

Over time I met people who have influenced and helped me, I admired, and we found ourselves in them. We want to thank all those, whom we list below, that made directly or indirectly us and the team Hidalgo`s Spirit:

  • Mother
  • Monica Dawgiallo, Herbu Zadora kennel
  • Sonia Czajor, Bella Mare kennel
  • Gwen Broadley, Sandylands kennel - I do not think that we need any presentation - history, improvement from year to year, breeding program, devotement and love for what they did. We would like Hidalgo`s Spirit to become even ¼ of what is Sandylands
  • Marion & David Hopkinson, Rocheby kennel- another icon to follow and respect
  • Joan Tudor & Rosemary Wilcock, Camrose kennel - a legend for Golden Retriever lovers
  • Brandusa Gheorghiu - Golden Swan kennel- who has been with us since the beginning