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Decembrie 2017
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When you decide to buy a puppy, you always need more training and preparation, regardless of experience that you own. First of all, until the age of 3-4 months, puppies will not have a routine to make their needs. Therefore it takes work to keep a puppy clean. Many times you will be surprised by situations you find yourself, but as soon as you will form rules regarding eating and going outside, will not last long until you can walk barefoot around the house again.

Until the age of three months, the baby must stay in quarantine, which involves a rigorous hygiene of the house. It is FORBIDEN any contact with other animals that go out. QUARANTINE PERIOD IS VITAL FOR PUPPIES!

Like babies, puppies’ teeth begin to change. During this time gums will be itchy, and puppies will show a great interest for all objects that can be eaten. It is therefore very important for the puppy to learn NOW that is allowed to eat and chew only his toys. If you will be understood, you will avoid later fray marks on furniture or personal belongings.

If you have problems with your puppy, which you will not be able to clear up with him, it is advisable to talk to the breeder or to another qualified person. Will be very hard to correct problems, and sometimes impossible, if you expect too much. Puppy will form assimilating negative habits, and it will be very hard to get over.

If you will decide to buy a HIDALGO`S SPIRIT puppy, it is preferable to meet before, if obvious we can. We will receive you in our house to meet ourselves and our dogs. It would be better to know why you chose the breed. If you have questions or want more detailed information we will be happy to give you unceasingly. After we talk, and you decide that we don`t match your wishes, or you want another breed, we'll guide you with confidence to another breeder that meets your needs.

We will announce when pups were born, but visits may take place after the age of three weeks. Puppies leave our house ONLY after the age of 7 weeks, during which it was 3 times dewormed and received the first vaccine - CANVAC P-IN.

Puppies can be chose after six weeks. We will advise and help you to make the right choice, depending on what you think is best for you - pet dog, show dog, work dog.

If you buy a pedigree puppy, you will not be forced to go with him to beauty contests. Pedigree means a certificate of origin of your puppy, means you have a dog whose temperament is exactly as you expect - will have a strong character, but will not be aggressive, be smart and attached to its master. It is very important that your puppy come from carefully selected parents, healthy, no eliminators faults, which make them doubted of breed belonging or offspring health.

We will sign a contract together the day you get a puppy. Receive health card, certificate of origin issued by the Bucharest Kennel Club and your Puppy Kit. The moment you will pick up the pedigree, puppy will be chipped and receive show book card. You will also receive a nutrition document that we also use it, and a shopping checklist.

We advise you regarding nutrition, puppy care and growth. You can contact us always, no matter the hour, day or month. If we can`t help you, we will find the best person to do it!

Since all dogs, like people, have a risk to fall ill, we cannot guarantee anything! Therefore, we provide health certificate for each puppy, which will have to be renewed every year. This ensures us that the puppy/dog gets the right treatment, regardless of cost.

NO BREEDER will obtain lifetime 100 % percentage healty dogs!


Despite testing by puppies` parents, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the health of any puppy that leaves our house. In all cases, genetic has the last word to be said, without us, as breeders, can interfere in any way. Feeding, exercise and development of puppy play a decisive role with nature itself.

We breed only to improve breeds and HIDALGO`S SPIRIT matings are carefully designed and prepared in advance. We use dogs with good tests, which fit only in FCI standard.

Our puppies are not to be sold in pet shops, agent or for resale. They are sold either as companions to houses that really want them, either to breeders with good references.

Our dogs are all tested when they have reached the age required. Despite all the tests that our dogs do, genetics has the last say, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything!

Like children, you can hit all sorts of problems, from minor to some fatal disease or infirmity. When you buy a puppy, even from the most famous breeder, you assume a risk that occurs in all living creatures.

We have the advantage of modern techniques of test, we study lines and pedigrees, we schedule matings from time and we are very selective in terms of future offspring. However, it will always be a chance to occur a problem. Unfortunately we cannot predict the future to see who will have health problems and who do not. Although we would love to be able to do that...

We reserve the right to know the future owners of our puppies. All we want is that our puppy to live in a harmonious environment for development, in an environment that is wanted, loved and respected. Prospective owners must assume responsibility to care for, grow and love a dog for 10-15 years.

We are selective in choosing their future owners. We want devoted people, true animal lovers who want their dog near them, and not forgotten in a corner of the yard...

WE REFUSE anyone considers that it falls within our criteria! We do not allow puppies or adults to be used for breeding our 24/7!

After you pass the quarantine period, the puppy will need frequent walks outside, regardless of the weather. At first walks will be short, because the puppy should not be pushed in terms of movement.

They need social and environmental experiences to develop, to know and to learn as much as possible. They will tend to gnaw furniture, chairs, cases; to eat electrical wires or plugs, detergent or other cleaning products; they will have the maddest pleasure to dig holes in the yard, jumping over flowers, or even taste them; they will molt, so it's possible to find hair on your clothes when you go to work. And this is a small list of situations can occur!

All this can be corrected or avoided by a series of preventive measures, and through proper education of puppy. If you need help, please call us anytime. We'll help you from heart!